Tragedies happen. Reassure your children

We published this article just after the attacks in Paris in 2015. It's still relevant today, so we've updated it.

“It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.” 


- James Baldwin


Terrible events are broadcast on all media as they unfold. But one of the consequences of this is to put people into a heightened state of anxiety. Some of those people are children.

It is not that children don't understand what they are watching, listening or reading in a news bulletin. If anything, they absorb too much information. When bad things happen they will feel unsure, unsafe and anxious. These are the times we need to reassure them that there are equally good things that happen too.

We all have power. We could all be less ignorant, more informed, more curious, better. So when we laugh and joke at others in front of children we could be passing our inadequacy to them. The already have our genes, so do they need our limited view or negative attitudes as well?

The best use of our power over children is to give then the freedom to explore alongside the confidence of knowing we are there if needed. Being there when they need reassurance is a simple and powerful thing.

Discuss difficult things with children.  Here’s an age by age guide to keeping the discussion developmentally appropriate from Time Magazine. See if you agree.

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