Our partners make things happen

We donate our time to produce and deliver chicken Newspaper to children in primary schools three times a year.

We face an exciting new challenge. More schools want to receive copies of Chicken Newspaper.

We don't allow advertisements. Instead, we cover the cost of producing each issue by partnering with businesses who subscribe 50 copies to a school, at a price of £90.00 (€90/$110). This is less than a cup of coffee for each copy. 

We have a small, fantastic group of Chicken Newspaper partners and subscribers. We proudly feature their logos and details on the Partners page, in the printed issue and on the website.

Become a partner and subscribe a child, classroom or school. You can pay monthly or once. Manage your subscription and stay in control. For us, it means keeping track of our partners, being able to give as much back to them when we can, introducing them to heads of schools and other partners and ultimately becoming more efficient about keeping you informed about what we are trying to achieve.

For the price of between a cup of coffee and a good dinner every month, you can help us feed young children's minds with Chicken!


Chicken Newspaper delivered to your door three times a year. Discount offers on books and events. An invitation to join the children's editorial board and help us put together future issues of Chicken Newspaper.

£2.00 a month (£24.00 a year)


Subscribe 50 copies to your local school library and the whole school will get to read it. Your logo and details are featured on the Partners page. and if you nominate a school we let the head know that you made it possible.

£22.50 a month = one classroom for a year


Community partners fund delivery to a single or multiple schools. Your logo is featured on the Partner page and we let the heads of the school(s) you made it possible. We create an article about what you do, or the things you like, in a future issue.

£300 a year and over. Get in touch to find out more.

Chicken Newspaper has a free monthly digest of news related to children. Alphabet News It comes out every other Sunday.


Our stand alone magazine 17 Promises tracks and explains the United Nations led Sustainability Development Goals which run between 2015-2030 when out school children will be voters. These are 17 promises they all need to know!

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