Mythical Creatures: Kholomodumo

Here at chicken! Newspaper we’ve been researching the world of mythical creatures. We wondered where story tellers like the Brothers Grimm got their material from all those centuries ago. Are there other versions of creatures and beings we all know and love from English and European literature? It turns out there are!

So, we have decided to bring them to you, one by one. This is the Khomolodumo, from Lesotho in Southern Africa. It is a version of the Leviathan

The beast Khomolodumo (ko-mo-lo-doo-mo) was one of the first beasts of creation. He ate everything on the earth, except for one woman. She gave birth to twins who killed the monster and slit open his belly to let all the eaten creatures out…

Illustration by Ken Wilson-Max


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