How often is Chicken Newspaper published?

We will publish Chicken Newspaper three times a year.


Can I write or illustrate for Chicken Newspaper?

We welcome contributors - writers, illustrators, teachers, subject experts and children - from anywhere in the world. If you’re interested in contributing let us know and we will share our contributor guidelines with you.


How can I get involved in growing Chicken Newspaper?

Partners and readers are the life and soul of the publication. Our partners and sponsors are as passionate about educating children as we are. They help us deliver copies to children in schools and community outlets. Find out other ways to get involved on the Get Involved page. Options start at neighbourhood level and go from there to Country and Global level. Tell us what you would like to do and we’ll set it up for you.


How else can I help?

Spread the word! Introduce us to your local school, library, doctor’s surgery or family restaurant and cafe. We can quickly get free sample copies to them and then take it from there.


What is the Chickeneer editorial board?

The Chickeneers are a group of children who help us put each issue together. We ask them to give us their insights and opinions on the ideas for an issue over a pizza or an afternoon tea. As a reward, they become subscribers. 


What is in the digital version?

Our digital version carries all the articles in a particular issue, or provides access to our entire archive (if you subscribe). Our website is a great reading experience on desktops, tablets, and phones. 


What is a subscription and how can I subscribe?

At the moment, a subscription has three printed issues, three digital issues, access to our archive of issues and certain deals that we manage to negotiate with our partners. The easiest way to subscribe is to visit the subscription page and fill in the form. You can subscribe as an individual, or as a school.


Are there other events and activities?

Alongside the publications we run a series of interactive events for children delivered by Ken Wilson-Max and other authors, illustrators and teachers. Find out more in the events section or get in touch to discuss or arrange an event.