The Chicken Run Challenge!


Feed their minds with Chicken!

In 2016 how did you explain the headlines to children in a balanced way? Newspapers don’t usually count on young children as typical readers, but parents know that when they are learning to read, any available text, from news headlines to front pages, can be used to practice. Chicken! Newspaper is unique because it brings current affairs to children in a picture book style. It also involves the family and community and is available for free in schools. 

Our aim is to keep Chicken! Newspaper free in as many schools as possible. So, we are inviting our partners to join the Chicken Run! Challenge and sponsor anything from a classroom to a school's worth of copies of Chicken newspaper and the 17 Promises supplement. Invite your associates to do the same in 2017, the Chinese year of the Chicken!


17 Promises all children should know...

Chicken Newspaper presents ‘17 Promises’, a supplement about the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which will ensure that children know and understand what they are and what they mean for the future.
The SDGs will be brought to life by the newspaper’s team of children’s books authors, illustrators, designers, teachers, subject experts, partners and of course, the children themselves. 

A little goes a long way

Our fantastic Community Partners have made it possible for us to reach children in over 30 outlets in the London area, including schools, cafes and doctors' surgeries. One copy of chicken newspaper in a classroom makes an impact in a whole school. 

You may have sponsored before or be thinking about getting involved in a direct way to educate children outside of school. You my know someone who is interested. Either way, Download the Chicken Run Challenge brochure to find out more... then show it to your friends and associates. Let's feed their minds with Chicken!

50 copies in a school goes a long way


Partnership and Sponsorship

Sponsorship Cost

£12,000 sponsors 50 copies delivered to children in 40 schools for one year. For under 10p (15c) per person per year you can reach communities and help them learn about the world and the importance of sustainability.
Read through the full plan...




For sponsoring between 50 and 500 copies, partners will enjoy:

  • Three deliveries of the newspaper and supplement on your behalf throughout the school year.
  • A reach of up to 8000+ children, and 240+ teachers and 15,000+ adults a year
  • A unique, focused involvement in current affairs, community information and the SDGs
  • Discounted advertisement space inside the 17 Promises supplement


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