Here at Chicken, we believe that children and adults are equal partners in shaping our world.

Yet given the complexity of local and global issues, it’s critical that children have access to unbiased, engaging information, which is shared with them in a way they can understand. This feeds their curiosity and helps children develop the capacity to think critically, form their own opinion about global issues, and get involved.



Chicken Newspaper is for primary school children, their teachers, and their communities. It features current affairs and cultural content that supplements primary school learning, teaching children soft skills, like empathy and reasoning. It also encourages them to be inquisitive about the world.

We bring it to life, with some of the world’s best children’s storytellers and illustrators. Chicken Newspaper is full of engaging content for 5-12 year olds in a printed tabloid newspaper format and on line.



Chicken Newspaper for children was launched in 2014 by award winning children’s books author and illustrator Ken Wilson-Max. He has over 25 years experience communicating with children and more than 60 books published in more than nine languages worldwide. He was voted one of the top 50 authors for books on diversity in the UK by the Guardian Newspaper and is in the Who’s Who directory of books on diversity on the USA.  


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