chicken! Issue 7 is almost here…

It certainly has been long wait for the next issue of chicken! newspaper. But chicken! issue 7 is almost here, only a few days away.


chicken! Run

No.7, the Friendship issue, marks the start of our third year in existence and it hasn’t been easy to put together. In between this and the last issue we’ve been busy trying to grow. We launched chicken! Run, which will bring chicken to up to 40 schools in East London in one go.

17 Promises

We also spent time developing our series on sustainability called 17 Promises, which will break down each ad every one of the goals into bitesized nuggets for the every young child to understand. They need understand hem, because they are going to be young voters in 2030 when the time comes to hold our leaders accountable.
Both of these initiatives took many weeks to bring to life.

We met new collaborators and contributors and  worked closely with them to produce some fine chicken! issue 7 articles, which I am very excited about.

chicken-issue-7cvr_page_01A new look

Lastly, we reworked the design of the pages so that hey are easier to read, widened the page size ever so slightly, and re-arranged the information so it is easier to find for different reading abilities. All this cam as a result of teachers and children giving us valuable feedback about how we are doing…

So, f you are a subscriber, you will get a year’s free subscription. Simply email me to let me know your address hasn’t changed and we will let you know when your copies are on the way.

If you’re a community¬†sponsor, look out for better communication about how your nominated school is doing and better display of what you have done to keep chicken free in schools.



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