chicken! Info: Tigers

Tigers cubs are so cute. But there also so few of them in the world, even though the latest news is there are a few more tigers since the last time they were counted…. Still, less than 4000 left in the world is not a good thing.Here are a few more things you may not know about the magnificent cats.

  • The scientific name for the tiger is Panthera tigris.

  • There are five types of tiger left in the world: Bengal, South China, Indochinese, Sumatran and Siberian.

  • Three types are already extinct — Caspian, Bali, and Javan.

  • Tigers are never far from water.

  • The Tigers that live in cold areas are bigger and heavier than those that live in tropical forests.

  • No two tigers have exactly the same stripes.

  • Tigers hunt at night and can see well in the dark.

  • A tiger’s claws stay inside its paws when it walks.

  • A tiger’s roar is so loud it can be heard up to three kilometres away.

  • Tigers weigh from 240 to 500 pounds (109 to 227 kilograms); males are larger than females.

  • In captivity, a tiger can live to be 26 years old.

Here is an information graphic about tigers.


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