17 Promises: Climate Change

Cars and factories produce more carbon dioxide (CO2) every year.

The sun’s rays warm the Earth, keeping it from freezing. But CO2 stops the sun’s heat bouncing off the earth and back into space. So the Earth warms up and temperatures rise. 

This is Global warming

March 2017 was the second warmest March in 137 years since records began. 

More than a million square kilometres of Arctic sea ice (the size of Argentina) has melted every ten years since 1979. Many plants and animals are in danger if the warming continues. 

Between 1880 and 2012, the average temperature of the Earth increased by almost 1° Celsius. That small change it has caused our oceans to heat up, snow and ice to melt, and sea levels to rise.

What are grown-ups promising to do about climate change?


Governments are learning about climate change so that when they are creating laws they can work to reduce the effects of climate change.


They will Make sure everyone knows about climate change and shares ideas on how to slow down global warming


The United Nations will bring the world’s countries together to share and raise money for solutions to Climate Change. 

What can you do about climate change?

Think about all the things you like about the seasons.

Look at these 13 tips from the latest issue of Chicken Newspaper

Remind your parents and grown-up about this promise to make the world a better place.

Download the 17 Promises worksheet about SDG 13

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